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Repairs and restorations

I am a certified guitar technician and luthier with 25+ years of experience. I was formally educated at Vermont Instrument School of Lutherie in instrument repair and restoration. I work on acoustic, classical, electric, 6 string, 12 string, mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, and bass guitars. I’ve repaired many makes including  Martin, Gibson, Gretsch, Larson Brothers (Maurer, Stahl), Guild, McAlister, Fender, Taylor, Lowden, Santa Cruz, Sadowsky, Collings, Rockbridge and Hofner.   

I offer repairs ranging from a custom set up to neck resets, full fret jobs, and all electronic work, completing each job to the player's unique specs. My clients receive personal attention to discuss playing styles, musical tastes, and expectations. I also offer guitar restoration (or resurrection), bringing value, aesthetics, and playability back to vintage guitars. I've had the opportunity to work on several prewar instruments, and I know the importance of keeping repairs period correct and properly done to retain the value of the instrument. Many examples of my repairs can be found on my Southcoast Guitar Repair Facebook site.   

See my repair business site, Southcoast Guitar Repair, for pricing.  

1933 Martin C2 Conversion

My client bought a 1933 Martin C-2 archtop with hopes of converting it to period correct 1933 OM-28. The back, sides, and neck are in excellent condition, and the entire guitar has its original finish. A real gem!

Of course my challenge is to remove the archtop and replace with a Red Spruce flat top while not interrupting the original finish on rest of the guitar.  Make sure to check out the demo of the OM at the end of this picture gallery!

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